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V.I.P. Farm House

Al-Siraj is an ideal place, first of its kind farm house in the vicinity of Karachi. It offers all the modern facilities and high quality accommodation, guaranteed to make your trip a memorable one. From covered swimming pool, bar.b.q to indoor games, we have it all.

Al-Siraj is the ideal place to gather oneself and be closer to one's family by taking a break from the day to day busy life.

There's a dire need of serene and calm places in this civic age of growing noise due to traffic, rush hours and busy corporate lives. Al-Siraj farm provides you a natural environment with a blend of rural and urban settings, where you can have the experience of rural life as well as comfort of your home. Contact us to book your space now.

AVAILABLE FOR: Family Gatherings, Corporate Picnics, School Picnics, Bar.B.Q. Parties, Birthday Parties, Concerts / Basants, Dholkies & Other Special Occasions