PHONE # 92 300 210 2135 | 92 321 788 8707

    Terms & Conditions

  • Farmhouse timings: Morning to Evening 8am to 5pm 9 hours. If you want to stay overnight then our timings are 7pm to next day 5pm 22 hours.

  • All unethical and illegal activities are not allowed like use of Weapons, drinking, drugs or dance parties etc.

  • All guests are requested to be careful and try not to ruin the plants, fruits and other greenness of our farm house.

  • No entry in the farmhouse without showing the gatepass at entrance.

  • Purchasing cold drinks from the outside are not allowed.


Our elegant farmhouse offers modern facilities and high quality accommodation.
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Our delux family farmhouse is safe and perfect for family holiday and picnics.
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AVAILABLE FOR: Family Gatherings, Corporate Picnics, School Picnics, Bar.B.Q. Parties, Birthday Parties, Concerts / Basants, Dholkies & Other Special Occasions