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Delux Farm House

Al-Siraj offers some of the finest farm houses in Karachi, providing luxurious accommodations and unparalleled services. Our farm houses are available for family gatherings, corporate picnics, school picnics, bar.b.q parties, birthday parties, basants, dholkies & other special occasions.

Our Delux farm proves you can never have too much of a good thing. With full-length windows, kitchen and a living room, we‘ve got a variety of ways for you to enjoy all the Al-Siraj has to offer. Our highly developed pool with an installed water filter plant, surrounded with most beautiful natural surroundings. Beat the heat, fun in the pool with family and friends.

Al-Siraj farm house lawn is one of the most beautiful features, it’s fully maintained lawn and you will have the perfect space to host outdoor gatherings, play games with your family, and spend quality time outdoors.

AVAILABLE FOR: Family Gatherings, Corporate Picnics, School Picnics, Bar.B.Q. Parties, Birthday Parties, Concerts / Basants, Dholkies & Other Special Occasions