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About Us Al Siraj Farm House

Keep out of polluted and artificial environments of busy city life for a while and breathe, relax, and enjoy the overnight stay in the fresh, lush green and natural environment of Al-Siraj Farmhouse.

Experience the nature as it is and acquaints your children with close to natural life at Al-Siraj Farmhouse. We have a variety of farm houses in outstanding conditions with all the luxurious facilities. Our committed and experienced staffs are capable of react as fast as possible.

We make sure that all our guests get convenience, comfort and value for money; additionally we take great pride in our professionalism, reliability and focus on the smaller points. We provide catering and traveling services to all our valuable guests. Try our farm house now!

Our Values

Our values describe our company as we want it to be. We believe that putting our values into practice creates a strong relationship with our customers.

Customer Service

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers and believe in understanding their needs. We strive to exceed their expectations in affordability & quality.


Our quality will be “best in class”. We provide you a spectacular place & environment which is safe, secure, clean and free with noise bustle and pollution.

Responsive Team

We have positioned ourselves to assist our customers efficiently wherever they need help. We respond to your telephone calls and emails as quickly as possible and to return your calls at a time convenient to you.


We commit ourselves to remain available and contactable at all times. We are also eager to have your feedback in respect of these commitments, in order to improve the level of service we offer you.

Our Commitment

To entertain you with our best services so that you can enjoy every beautiful moment of your life free from stress, strains, tensions and fatigue of daily life.


Our elegant farmhouse offers modern facilities and high quality accommodation.
Al Siraj VIP Farm House is a heaven on earth with blue shades of night environment bundled with the most modern luxury living. Experience the blue water of luxurious swimming pool and other amazing facilities. READ MORE


Our delux family farmhouse is safe and perfect for family holiday and picnics.
Al-Siraj is an awesome venue for your comfort and luxury. It has exceptional luxurious rooms and an extensive playground and covered dining areas near swimming pool. The relaxed and peaceful atmosphere will certainly refresh your mind. READ MORE


Our royal farm house is affordable and a great place to make memories.
The lush green ambience will make your stay in our royal farm house a memory that you will never forget. Al-Siraj royal farm house is ideal for school trips, family day out, birthday parties, office parties and other special occasions. READ MORE

AVAILABLE FOR: Family Gatherings, Corporate Picnics, School Picnics, Bar.B.Q. Parties, Birthday Parties, Concerts / Basants, Dholkies & Other Special Occasions